Overview of Huawei Watch GT2 Classic 42 mm

Smart watch in a classic form factor with a 1.2-inch diagonal, minimalistic and elegant design, a week of battery life, the ability to listen to music and track sports activity. Compatible with Android and iOS.

Who is it for?

Using this model as an example, we can consider Huawei’s marketing genius. Under the new year’s hype, the company released on the market an overrated, albeit flagship by the standards of the capabilities of this manufacturer’s smartwatch model with a diagonal of 1.39 inches (46 mm). The brand’s watch doesn’t yet support third-party apps, can’t respond to messages, and doesn’t have contactless payments. Today, all these characteristics are the norm of the market in this price category and even cheaper.

What’s inside?

Inside is the same Kirin A1, familiar from the older version of the watch, 32 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory. The model runs LiteOS-a beautiful, but not yet very functional (if compared with such giants of the direction as Apple, Samsung, Fitbit) operating system of the manufacturer. But with such modest resources, it can give a head start to smart watches on WearOS with 512 MB of RAM. The interface responds instantly!

What’s outside?

One of my favorite smart watches on the market in terms of design is the Honor Watch Magic. They are even included in the selection of the best smart watches due to the price-design ratio. But the Watch GT2 42 mm outperformed the younger relative.

The design of the device tends to be frameless. Two buttons, the strap fastening and edging here are minimal, made of metal. The frame around the display is still there, but it is hidden under 3D glass (now it is called this in the company’s PR materials) and black. When the display is turned off, it is not visible. When enabled, in General, too, because black AMOLED is blacker than night. So the non-working area of the display looks like ” air”, which makes the interface easier. It becomes noticeable only in some dials, where there are a lot of color blocks.

What about autonomy?

The manufacturer promises up to seven days of operation in normal use. As usual, I do not know what he means by this, I will share my observations (especially since everything turned out to be much worse with the older model than the two weeks stated).

The maximum screen illumination time (20 seconds), a screen saver with a clock, and not the most energy-efficient dial (about half of the display is occupied by images with bright colors. A GPS enabled. Heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring – with maximum detail. In this mode, the clock worked for about four days. This is less than the stated spherical performance in a vacuum, but still better than the competition.


Huawei Watch GT2 42 mm-not the smartest watch on the market, even in its price category, it is still a grown-up and matured fitness tracker in stylish clothes. But the watch’s athletic capabilities continue to grow, and its elegant design and cool materials make it a good choice for those who don’t need to respond to messages from the watch and don’t need third-party apps. Thanks to the simplicity of the operating system, the watch demonstrates autonomy and speed at the top of the market.