How to use the free Amazon repricer?

Amazon is available for the following marketplaces such as,, and New customers can use Amazon’s 14 days free trial to drive test the product without any risk, click here to start repricing the smart way. This is a great way to test this Amazon tool without risking your money, 14 days is plenty of time to test if the automated repricer is a good fit for your business. If you have a large number of listings, we recommend to only choosing a handful of items to test drive Amazon, this way to can check the performance of those listing easily. Remember, this is an investment in your business. Not having the right pricing tool probably means losing thousands of dollars to competitors that are ahead of the game when it comes to adjusting prices.

Which Amazon marketplace is compatible?

Profitable sellers know that the Amazon repricing tool has one big flaw: it only reprices down, this means, your price will only go down when there is competition. The smart solution is to get a repricing tool with artificial intelligence that not only adjusts your prices down to remain competitive but also recognizes when there is no competition or when your competitors run out of stock to adjust your prices up so that you can maximize your profits, this feature by itself is worth many times over the Amazon’s monthly subscription. This will give you and many advantages for your business improvement. You know how critical the buy box is for your success, so make use of this repricer to make your business famous.

Amazon comes with pre-built pricing strategies so that you can get started quickly, once you’re more familiar with the platform you can set up your custom strategies. Their pre-built pricing strategies work out of the box so we highly encourage you to use them first, make sure to monitor the impact of repricing strategies on your top and bottom line though. With Amazon, you are in complete control of your repricing strategies and are fully customizable to allow you to define how to compete against specific vendors. You can click here to get these types of repricing tool to boost your business by reading this site