How To Increase My Internet Anonymity Level And Ways To Do So 

The Internet 

Staying anonymous online is exceedingly difficult nowadays, with the evolution of the Internet and social media. Everyone is tempted to browse the net or scroll through social media and post and like pictures. Anonymity on the Internet can be secured in a few ways, which could help while public browsing makes it difficult for people to find you and know anything about you behind your back. It comes extremely handy in terms of the security of the person. So How to increase my Internet anonymity level:

Secure the webmail with extensions

While using popular mail services, you could install extensions that bring on encryption to your webmail service. These encrypt and decrypt your messages while you send it through the mailing service. Making it encrypted bits of help as it never reaches the server, and no one has no track of it. The recipients need to install the extension to decrypt a message and gain access to the information in the mail.


This is one of the most basic privacy things that any individual can do. Making the window incognito can help as it does not store the cookies or the computer’s internet history. While it helps hide your search, it does not hide your identity beyond the local machine as your IP address can still be tracked. It is only your search is hidden.

Social media 

This is an extremely tough thing to do, but this is one of the most important steps if you do not want to be noticed online. This keeps your life private from the places you have been to, to the places you have visited and logged in or not.

Block and manage trackers on the Internet

Many websites track and collect information of the users through their browsing history. These trackers are invisible, and most people are not even aware that you are being tracked.

Temporary and encrypted email

Most of the email services used are not privacy-friendly, they usually have extensions that encrypt the email and send it, and then the receiver should have the extension to decrypt it and read the message. DEAs are temporary and anonymous, and they help avoid spam mails for a long time. This keeps the email from the spammers, and this protects your identity online as well. Hence DEAs are a particularly good option. But most of the DEAs are not secure, and it is not advised to send sensitive information.


Virtual Private Networks are one of the most effective ways to protect your privacy online. The VPN could hide the IP address and run your data through the secure and encrypted online identifier, which keeps the websites from tracking your online activities on your browser and buffers your country of origin as well.

In conclusion, anonymity online can be provided in my ways, but it extremely difficult to stay offline while the world runs online. This article answers and enumerate, and the Internet has been the best invention for humanity to date. As long as it exists, no person can cease to exist.