Software for creating e-learning courses: a review of iSpring Suite 9

Creating online courses for novice developers is quite difficult. The iSpring Suite 9 constructor will help you make your work easier and quickly assemble a high-quality e-course.

The program for creating e-courses iSpring Suite works on the basis of PowerPoint and allows you to quickly create a dialog simulator, test, add interactive elements and record a video lecture. The course Builder iSpring Suite also includes a program for screencasts. You can use it to record from the screen, camera, screen, and camera simultaneously.

Creating tests

The QuizMaker extension is responsible for creating tests and surveys in iSpring Suite. You can quickly make a test in it, insert video and audio files, and formulas. You can set up feedback for each question, explain to the user why they answered incorrectly, or give additional information to the correct answer.

There are 14 types of questions available in QuizMaker. This includes selecting one or more answer options, a “true-false” question, matching questions, determining the correct sequence, filling in gaps, or selecting the correct answer from a drop-down list. You can offer a task in the test for dragging objects, selecting an area, or dragging words. You can also make the task of writing an essay, the introduction of the numerical or short answer question, use the answers to the Likert scale. Questions can be either assessed or questionnaire-based.

The number of questions in the test is not limited. You can create test questions by adding PowerPoint slides one at a time. or you can download the entire list of questions from the Excell file. This will greatly speed up the work if the test is large. iSpring QuizMaker allows you to configure branching of questions: the user has their own order of questions depending on the answers.

Creating screencasts and video courses

The course designer iSpring Suite has its own advanced video Studio-iSpring Cam Pro. You don’t need to use additional programs to record a video lecture or make a training video training.

ISpring Cam Pro is convenient to work with, it has a very simple interface. All functions are intuitive. When you start the program itself detects devices connected to the computer: a microphone and a video camera.

iSpring Cam Pro allows you to make screen recording, camera recording and screen and camera recording simultaneously. You can select the area of the screen that you want to record. You can add insets to the screencast recording: add text blocks and additional video. Each frame of a video in iSpring Cam Pro can be edited similarly to PowerPoint slides.

The video editor allows you to overlay sound on a video sequence, cut video fragments, and glue a video clip from existing fragments. You can not only mount multiple video tracks into one. but also show two videos at the same time.

While recording a screencast, iSpring Cam Pro tracks keystrokes, mouse clicks, and typing on the keyboard. Each such action leads to adding visual suggestions to the slide. You can easily edit the hint text.

Dialog simulators

You can easily create a dialog using characters and backgrounds from the content library. There are more than 51,000 images in the library. The characters have an emotional scale: they can be happy when you answer correctly and angry when the answer is wrong.

The dialog script can be branched. Depending on the response, the student is shown a specific card. On behalf of the character, you can praise the student for the correct answer, explain the error, or return to the beginning of the dialogue.


Another component of the iSping Suite that should be considered is iSpring Visuals. With this tool, you can create interactive templates in HTML5 format for different learning situations.


iSpring Suite is the optimal solution for novice course developers. It is suitable for those who do not have experience in creating e-learning materials. Intuitive management, stylish templates of good quality and a large set of features will allow you to quickly make an online course.