Always Be A Step Ahead From Your Opponent, Start Using Chess Best Move

What does chess best move do?

The application, chess best move is a type of program that shows players the best possible move in the next turn. The algorithm is completely based on the opponent’s move. The application is built for a wide number of online chess platforms.

How to install chess best move?

The installation procedure for chess best move is quite simple. Follow the below steps to install the application easily.

  • Log in to the official website, and then download the archive that contains the program (Note: only the trial version will be available for free, for downloading the full version of chess best move you need to purchase it from the site.)
  • Once the download is complete, check into your downloads folder for the archive package. Unzip the archive file and double-tap the folder that is coming up and look for ‘ChessBot.exe’ inside the folder. Once you have it, double click to run.
  • Launch the program giving administrator privileges and it should work properly.

Now that the installation process is learned, let’s proceed with how the application works.

How does chess best move works?

The working of the chest best move application is as easy as its installation. Below is a small guide to learn using the application quickly.

  • Launch the program, and then from the dialogue box that appears, choose the website that you will be playing in.
  • Log over to the website, preferably from Chrome, and let the page load properly.
  • Tap Alt+W or Alt+B to choose sides, White and Black respectively.
  • Once the game starts, chess best move runs automatically, suggesting the best possible moves in the next turn.

It is advised that when the game is completed, make sure that you tap Alt+X to unload the chess engine from the device’s memory. This is crucial if you don’t want the application to malfunction and suggest wrong moves.